Business owners who are serious about an online presence will vouch for the fact that a business website needs to have clear purpose to achieve the kind of success aspired for.

This clarity helps in conversion of visitors into potentially dedicated customers. In this way, the business is able to notch up revenue.

So for improving the way your online presence is developed, the primary choice is always tilted towards aesthetics. However, this might not always be good and may also prove disastrous with regards to goals of your business.

Hence, the correct way to move forward is to maintain a perfect balance between aesthetics and conversion goals from your site; in short, getting a website design that is capable of selling.

So let’s get down to the real thing; what needs to be your strategy to achieve an online presence that is capable of generating revenue?

Responsive is the "IN” thing

With usage of smart phones increasing in frenzy, the need to adapt and be in sync with this mobile revolution has become a necessity for businesses.

This trend also suggests that the old times when just having a website is not enough; the need is to have a mobile friendly website.

However, does having a site that is only viewed better on mobiles enough? Well, the answer is no as people may land up to your page from any device; thus meaning that you may lose out desktop users if your site is just made for mobile.

So the solution lies in having a responsive design that is adaptable to all screen sizes.

Don't complicate your design; keep it simple

Including flash and jazzy animation and images is a thing of the past. Instead, keeping things simple when it comes to designing your website is important to ensure that your visitors are not confused. So the correct methods to use are:

  • Ensure that visitors easily understand the purpose of your site
  • Optimize navigation menu to provide ease to visitors
  • Tweak to ensure quick load time by avoiding unnecessary flash or animation
  • Clean design is a necessity
  • Content creation should be apt according to your business goals

Stock photos can repel visitors

Stock photos are a big NO for your site is you expect conversions. Remember that visitors view various websites daily and these stock photos are used by many sites. Hence, the sight of such photos on your site is sure to make your visitors cringe.

So to get best conversion, remember to:

  • Avoid using stock photos
  • Hire a professional and get original snaps clicked
  • Use photos that help to understand your business easily
  • Remember that you are looking for conversions; hence don't hesitate to spend
  • Real photos will lead to enhanced confidence on your business

Getting in touch with you has to be easy

For each and every action expected from visitors to your site, there needs to be a streamlined process. Most importantly, this process has to be simple if you expect better conversions.

To explain with examples, buying process needs checkout and e-learning process requires information. If these processes are simple, conversion is bound to increase.

So as business owners you need to:

  • Smoothen processes for contacting
  • Ensure a quick process for allowing users to get through
  • Simplify things with an intent to provide users with what they need easily
  • Shorten contact and feedback forms
  • Ensure contact details are easy to find

"Here is what my conversation improved as compared with previous month.”

Get rid of social feeds

Remember that visitors have become internet savvy. They are using social media like never before and know how to read about your company across different social networks.

So having social feeds on sites will actually annoy them and prove as a distraction from your business goals.

So if you don't want to annoy users, try to:

  • Avoid social feeds completely on your site
  • Include social icons on side bars or footers for giving users choice to view your feeds

What you learned?

Conclusively it can be understood here that conversion is directly proportional to the way your web design flows.

Additionally, building trust and directly communicating with your customers are key ingredients to achieving success in conversion.

Visitors will definitely become your dedicated customers if they trust you and you don't spoil their experience of viewing your site.

Keeping things simple, avoiding unnecessary elements and allowing ease in contacting you are keys for a successful website; one that boosts conversions.

Hopefully, the above pointers will help you re-structure your web design accordingly and convert your visitors into clients.