1. Agile Method

Agile Method

This approach responds to the unpredictability surrounding the construction of a software. It helps in developing software that is sustainable. It uses “sprints”, which are incremental work sequences, for development & designing. A sprint also refers to a particular time allocated to each part of the project.

Initially, the project head and the product-owner discuss the work that needs to be accomplished during each sprint. However, the development team has the final say about determining the realistic workflow. The project-owner also sets out his expectations which need approval before finalization.

2. Scrum Method

Scrum Software Development

In this method, the Scrum Software Development team takes the lead. This is because they would know best about resolving potential errors. Thus, there are no detailed descriptions & extensive planning stages. The team takes the final call.

Although Scrum is ultimately an Agile way to manage a project, long meetings are not conducted. Under this framework, the team is more focused on achieving the desired outcome than frequently discuss further stages of execution.

The Scrum model too believes in using sprints for project completion. Like the Agile Method, sprints are time frames (not more than one month long), allocated to a particular phase of the project. A meeting at the beginning lays down a list of tasks to be performed during a sprint.

During this sprint, the team formulates features and develops it. After these features are coded, tested & integrated into the project, the end-product keeps evolving to meet customer's requirements.

3. Waterfall Method

Waterfall Method

Waterfall Methodology is a straightforward, sequential & linear process. It consists of several development phases. A new phase only begins after the previous phase is complete. It prohibits you from returning to a prior phase. Revisiting a previous stage amounts to restarting the entire process from scratch. It also requires documentation of management processes to warrant that everyone involved in the project is on the same page.

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