Telling your brand's story can be done effectively only via a well designed website. Even big organizations are heavily reliant on their company sites for explaining their business story and connecting with audiences.

All this means that your web design has to be such that it accommodates every aspect that has the capability of adding a punch to your marketing endeavors.

The technology of web development renders many elements that if used correctly, can lead to you achieving the much needed attention of your potential customers. Things can run smoothly according to expectations if utilization of technology is implemented correctly.

For this, you will need the services of an efficient and reliable web development company which ensures that you achieve the traction needed.

Good website design and development companies understand the importance of making an impact with the first impression. This is because, if some potential customer visits your site and immediately closes it, then this means that he or she did not find it attractive.

So meeting expectations of users is extremely necessary in the first impression itself.

So let us now look at some actionable web design tips that can work wonders to your site's effectiveness.

Don't get carried away: Be simple

Including elements which are unquestionably important for conveying the goal and message of your business on your web pages is the key here. Complexity can kill chances of attracting visitors. A disorganized web page is sure to shoo away your potential customers. So the key is to keep things as simple as possible.

For ensuring simplicity, you need to ensure:

  • Visual elements need to be based according to hierarchy; elements need to be sized according to importance
  • Using contrasting colour patterns can work wonders without affecting simplicity
  • Excess and unwanted elements need to be removed
  • Maintaining a smooth flow of design and content is necessary
  • Minimize time required to reach required content

Choice of colour

Colour can play a major role is evoking expected actions from visitors. Correct use of colour schemes in sync with your product or service is necessary. "Into the eye” colours often distract visitors. Hence, choosing something subtle yet visibly great is the key.

Choice of correct colours can lead to:

  • Creating desired response from visitors
  • Desired response leads to conversions in future
  • Influence right people
  • Attractiveness of your site is enhanced
  • Too many fonts can lead to chaos

Have you come across any website that uses too many fonts? Doesn't it look distractive? Well, it sure does. Visitors come to your site for quickly getting what they need. Lot of fonts can definitely lead to chaos and visitors are sure to leave your site.

Limiting fonts can be beneficial for your website in the following ways:

  • Using not more than 2 fonts ensures that visitors are not distracted
  • Your site looks clear and mess free
  • Visitors can easily comprehend your content
  • Better visibility is ensured
  • Visitors will trust your business and become your dedicated customers

Don't hamper readability

Structuring and styling content on your site needs to be given prime importance. This will ensure that communication with visitors is effective.

Understand that internet users as a whole are a lazy lot and only a minuscule percentage of these will actually read through your content. Rests are sure to just scan through for finding relevant information.

So for structuring and styling content to provide enhanced readability, you need to:

  • Optimize typography
  • Use dark content colour than background
  • Ensure that formatting of content is done correctly
  • Keep paragraphs short
  • Use apt line spacing
  • Include content that directly hits target
  • Include anchors for providing ease of scanning
  • Not being responsive can be destructive

Accessing information across the internet has changed significantly over the years with regards to device used. With mobiles sprawling the market like crazy, users have tilted significantly towards this medium to browse the web.

So does this mean that you opt for a mobile website? Well, instead of a website dedicated for mobile, choosing a responsive website design is the right way. This ensures that you get a mobile friendly website along with providing users proper viewing across different devices such as laptops and desktops too.

So going the responsive way is beneficial to:

  • Provide users with uniform visibility and look for your site across varied devices
  • Screen size, touch, resolution etc. will not hamper visibility of your site across devices
  • Users will get satisfactory experience
  • You will not trouble visitors with troublesome horizontal scroll bars
  • Due to negligible disturbance to users, conversion becomes easy

Images shout louder than words



Along with correct content placed in the right manner, images too need to be selected with care for your website. This does not mean you utilize stock photos. Instead, choose images that are original. If not possible, at least ensure that you are creating a sync between your colour scheme, product and the image.

So to create stunning imagery you need to:

  • Understand your audience and their preferences
  • Choose images that have capability of sparking emotions
  • Give ample time for image selection
  • Choose something that is unique and relevant to your content

Provoke interaction



Final provocation to interact is vital. Having a CTA (Call to action) that facilitates your visitors for performing per-defined actions such as subscribing to newsletters, contact forms or making purchases is extremely important. However, this CTA needs to be appropriately implemented based on user behaviors.

A good CTA is one that:

  • Is able to perfectly let users understand what is expected
  • Provokes users to take appropriate action
  • Not accompanied with slang

On a final note

Businesses along with customers are shifting towards the digital medium. This entitles that just have a pretty looking website will not be sufficient to taste success with regards to conversions. Along with a pretty web design, you need to use actionable strategies to eventually lead to enhanced sales.

The above mentioned tips can definitely provide your users with gratifying experience and correspondingly effect positively on your conversions.

With years of experience running a successful web development company, We have mastered the art of using apt strategies that inculcate every aspect of web design services to render final outcomes that stand out. Here we briefly explains about actionable tips that can lead to better conversions from your website.