Links created for SEO are all equal; is it? Well, the fact is they are not.

Though the link building technique was a simple and effective way for optimizing websites few years back, it is not now. It was so easy; write some articles, submit them to article directories and get a backlink to your website.

Well, Penguin has shattered this easy way for SEO's. Though correct inbound links boost your rankings, brand and revenue, linking not done correctly is sure to backfire. Moreover, you can never understand what Google will be thinking next.

To explain with an example, people relied heavily on private blog networks to boost site rankings. In came Google again with the PBN de-indexing update and tanked websites using this technique. So what is the solution to all this; or is there really a solution? Well, there sure is a definite way of achieving this -  Use Content Marketing for link building. 

Digging deep into the concept 

For starters, content needs to have a definitive goal. Primarily, your core intention needs to rest on achieving conversions from your content. Quality content will lead to traffic. This means that your social engagement needs to have content that provokes visitors. So when you support quality content with relevant links, driving conversion won't be much of an issue. 

Next in line is a promotional plan. As a content marketing expert, you need to have a thorough grasp of social networks along with hard core SEO knowledge. Well, you might be getting to what we are directing you towards. Yes, an SEO professional now becomes a content marketer. This widens your horizons; both from the knowledge perspective as well from the actual work. 

Now let us move towards some useful tactics to utilize for link building using content marketing. 

Local Events 

Linking landing pages of events often goes unnoticed and events disappear with time. However, when you use quality content for linking events, the results can prove beneficial and drive traffic to your page. Remember that landing pages allow collection of data related to your blog's visitors.

However, people will not provide their personal information just freely. This makes content important to ensure that your event linking endeavor is successful. 

Reaching reporters

The primary step is creation of profile pages for subject matter experts related to your brand such as journalists. Including experience, expertise and photographs along with listing special events and publications will provoke reporters or journalists to cite and quote about your experts. 

The idea is to create content that reporters will love writing about. Remember to include existing resource and one link to profile page of the author in reaching email to journalists. 

Monitor web mentions 

Monitor every mention for your brand that does not have links and check if you are able to convince these people to provide a link to you. However, the important point here is to first find such mentions. 

You can search your brand over Google. You can set filters for this. Find sites mentioning you and create customized pages for relating to the reason of mention. This can lead to quality back links.