After hours of creating kickass content, do you still feel stuck with the search engine rankings? It is not about the content alone. Even the greatest pieces of content needs to be optimized properly to rank on the first page. Here are some fresh ideas for you to Improve SEO optimization Game.
Use these SEO tips judiciously in the context of your business needs and witness an improvement in the ranking of your pages.

Follow the 9 on page SEO Tips and Tricks

1. Optimize for ‘Search Intent’

A good practice is to study the top ranking pages for a certain keyword, and try and understand the search intent. This will help you to understand the structure of the content, and also the placement of the target keyword. You can use this understanding to design your own site structure and content. 
You should know with what intent the searcher is using the target keywords. It is important to understand in which format; the searcher would like the content to be served to him/her. Is it a bulleted answer that he/she is looking for? Or, is it a video tutorial? Or, will an image or infographic best serve the interests of your users? Or, does the searcher want to view a list of products and services, and compare the prices accordingly. Understanding the intent is half the battle won.

2.Use Keywords intelligently

It is a good practice to place the target keyword within the first 100 words of the content. This helps Google to understand what the content is about without any ambiguity. Synonyms and phrases related to the primary keyword can also be used. Having said this, these keywords should be used judiciously. The aim should be to deliver quality content, that solves problems searchers may have. No amount of stuffing is going to help your content rank, if it is of poor quality. This is one of the most important takeaways for on-page SEO.

3. FAQs

It is a good idea to include an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section, and answer common questions. Such a page has to be continuously updated so that the information is current, and useful to the searchers.

4. Faster Load Time

If your webpages take a long time to load, then searchers will simply press the back button, and bounce from your page. For this, the webpage needs to be optimized by compressing image sizes, and removing unnecessary code.

5. Use target keywords in the title, meta descriptions, and H1 tags

It is a good practice to place the target keyword in your title, meta descriptions and H1. When adding the target keyword to the title, use it right at the beginning. This is believed to improve the click through rate (CTR). The title should be within 65 characters, so that it does not get cut off in the Google Search Engine Results Page.
Other good practices to boost the CTR is to use numbers in the title, or words like ‘top’, ‘best’. You could even add the year of publication to the title. This signals to the searchers that the content is updated and relevant. When writing the description, one should keep in mind that the goal is compel a searcher to click on the link. You have got just 160 characters to frame the description, and content has to be include the target keyword, a call to action (CTA), and be click-worthy.

6. Optimize the URLs

When optimizing the URLs, include the primary keyword in it. It is a good idea to keep the URL short and descriptive enough so the search engine understands it better.

7. Links

A good SEO strategy focusses on both internal and external links. Internal links improve the crawl-ability of the site, and helps in the indexing process. It is a good practice to use anchor text that is self-describing. Don’t use more than one link for the same landing page. Linking to quality external websites or pages, improves the credibility of your site. Always link to popular, highly-ranked, and relevant pages.

8. Optimize File Names

Use alt tags to describe the images on your webpage. Include primary keywords in the alt tag text. The alt tags could be a little descriptive for proper optimization.

9. Schema Markup

Use the Schema Markup properly to add ratings, reviews, images, or videos (which is relevant) to your priority webpages. This improves the CTR, and boosts ranking. By implementing these ideas, you can improve your optimization, and therefore, the ranking.
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