An essential part of any local SEO strategy is to create and verify the local Google My Business listing. This increases the chances of the businesses appearing in local searches and also the organic rankings. Ignoring listing your business on Google is like losing out on potential customers.
To get ranked high within Google My Business, it is essential that your business is verified as real. Google achieves this by figuring out how often the business name, address and phone number (NAP) is listed on the web. One easy way to do this is to submit your business to local and national business directories.
In this blog post, we will suggest a few tips that can help you in improving your Google My Business Ranking:

1. Fill in all the Information Correctly

Make sure you enter the correct information about your address or contact details. Avoid typos, and keep any changes updated without delay. Make sure your NAP details are consistent across the web. These details should be the same on Google My Business, your website, your social media profiles, and any third party websites you are listed on.

2. Maintain NAP on site

Make sure you fill in your NAP details on your site, as it improves the SEO, and returns more searches of your website in response to queries for your address and contact details.

3. Embed Google Map

It is a best practice to embed your location on Google maps in your Google My Business listing page. This helps Google understand that you are located at the address mentioned. Google can now confirm that with your Places listing.
Just go to Google Maps, search for your business name. When the results page appears, click on the three dots beside your business name in the search bar. This can be found on the top left. Select "Share or Embed Map” option, and you’re done.
Just copy the iframe code and paste to your contact page.

4. Go for online reviews

You can ask your customers for online reviews, which appear next to your listing on Google Maps, and the Knowledge Panel of your business in search results. These reviews lend added authenticity to your business. They help your search result rankings, boost consumer trust, and also improve the click-through rates.
Most customers depend on reviews before making up their mind about a business listed online. Online reviews are considered as personal recommendations, and most consumers are likely to act on them. Often in the online marketplace or address book, customers can be picky. At least half of all customers only choose to interact with a business, when they have a four-star rating minimum.
So, read all of Google My Business’ guidelines regarding asking for reviews, and make sure you ethically request your customers for reviews.

5. Post photos of your business

Photos humanize your business and give customers an idea about how you look in real life. This also sets off a positive chain reaction and encourages users to post their photos of your business. This boosts for authenticity in the eyes of other lurking web searchers.

6. Respond to Comments and Reviews

Always try and respond to reviews, no matter whether they are happy ones or angry ones. This is proof of your responsiveness and your professionalism. Negative reviews don’t matter as much as you respond to them and set things right for the disgruntled customer. Plus, you do this all in a place when people can read them, and make up their minds about your business.
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Follow all these tips and boost your local SEO Strategy.